Monopoly Properties

Hey all!

I have completed your first set of door decorations from me! This year’s overall theme with Rountree Commons is board games. Naturally, Monopoly is the first thing that came to mind as it is the most popular board game in existence and it’s also my favorite game as well. Hope you all like your property!!


~ RA Joe room 655


CANDYLAND: College Edition

Hello, 6 South!

Choosing your college path is all up to you, and it may be difficult at times!  Some decisions you make along the way will impact you positively or negatively. Check out this bulletin board to get an idea for what you want your college experience to be. Enjoy!

~RA Lara


You Found our Webpage!

Welcome to 6 South!

Joe and I are so excited to welcome you to your new home for the upcoming academic year. Joe and I will be living on your wing for the entire year and we are here as a resource for you! Joe is located in room 655, and I can be found in room 658! Please, do not hesitate to ask us questions! That is what we are here for! We are so excited to get to know each and everyone of you. 🙂 Please visit our about pages, so you can get to know us better.

Joe and I will be using this webpage to communicate with all of you about upcoming wing and hall events! Please hit the follow button to get a notification every time we post something. We will also be posting pictures of you at events on this page! Feel free to save them to your computer! Also, you may want to share this webpage with your family and friends back home. They may enjoy seeing what you have been up to.

Feel free to stop by our rooms anytime! (We might even have FREE candy!) 😉

GOOD LUCK with move-in!

~RA Lara and RA Joe

Welcome to Rountree!

The 2015-2016 opening theme for Rountree Commons is Board Games. Take a look around the building to see some exciting door decs and bulletin boards with different ideas from board games. Have Fun!