SAS meeting

Hello all!

So today there was an awesome SAS meeting in the Rountree Commons classroom about time management. Shoutout to those who went!

Anyway, it was this great discussion about various tips and tricks to properly using your time and not wasting it. One thing that really stuck out for me was her great idea of making a weekly to-do list. Then, once you get them all on paper, you categorize each of them on levels of importance. She talked about this awesome ABC method where things that are marked with an A are of high importance. They MUST be done; such as homework that’s due or a project, etc. Things with a B rating are things that SHOULD be done, like studying every night. Finally, things with a C rating are things that COULD be done, but aren’t necessarily important such as TV or video games.

As Lara pointed out, there is a complete list of all of these SAS meetings. I can’t stress on these enough. They are super beneficial to your personal development; I know I learned a lot.

You can thank Lara for the complete list of meetings. I just pasted it on this post as well for you all.

Have a good one!

~RA Joe


SAS: Time Management

IMG_1814Hello, 6 South!
Thank you to the hand full of people who attended tonights SAS presentation on time management. I learned some great techniques to help myself better manage my time. My favorite tip I learned was when writing a list you should make 3 lists and label them A, B, and C. The A list are the things that need to be done NOW! The B list are things that SHOULD get done soon. And, the C list are the things that you WANT to do, such as watch Netflix. Besides this one tip, I learned many more and would love to share them with you. If you need help with your time management skills come and talk to me or attend another SAS presentation. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO GET A FULL SCHEDULE OF SAS PRESENTATIONS AND TOPICS.


Peace out!

~ RA Lara


StudentsFightBack-LogoHey, 6th South!

Last night I attended the students fight back presentation through the Distinguish Lecturer series. It was a really great presentation, and I wish everyone on campus could have attended. Through this presentation I learned techniques on how to be a better bystander and look out for those around me, even if I do not know them personally. I was also able to learn self-defense moves to protect myself if I am ever in dangerous situation. This was an emotional, physical, and uplifting program. I encourage everyone to participate in a self-defense class or just study up on self-defense techniques. You never know when it may come in handy! 🙂

Until next time!

~RA Lara

2015 UW-Platteville Career Fair

IMG_1811Hey, 6 South!

Today, was the first day of the Career Fair! Did you go? I went today and networked with several companies while looking for a summer internship. I would recommend that you all try to make it to the career fair for an hour. (FYI: Many teachers will give you extra credit for going, so ask them!) There is also an app called UW-Platt Career Fair+. This app will tell you what employees are coming when and what they are looking for! If you are looking for tips or need advice on what to wear or how to act, check out my bulletin board. 🙂 Below is a brief schedule of this years career fair! Have a great week! ~RA Lara

DAY 1:
Monday, Sept. 28, 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

• Business and Accounting • Agriculture • Media Studies • Biology • Industrial Technology Management • Liberal Arts • Education • Criminal Justice • Health and Human Performance

DAY 2:
Tuesday, Sept. 29, 3–8 p.m.


DAY 3:
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 3–8 p.m.


DAY 4:
Thursday, Oct. 1, 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

• Science • Technology • Engineering • Mathematics

Sudoku puzzles

Unfortunately I can’t post a picture of it because my phone is so messed up, but you all know what it looks like anyway! I hope you like them, and if you don’t know how to play Sudoku please feel free to ask it’s a very simple game. Also, if you want more puzzles, ask me for those as well.

~RA Joe

United We Stand Lecture

Hey all!

So throughout the year, there will be a few more lectures similar to this, all from the same organization named “United We Stand”. They bring in very powerful speakers and the lectures are fun, involving, and inspiring.

This particular lecture was all about self safety from others. More specifically, it was mostly aimed at women protecting themselves from men trying to assault them. However, this isn’t always the case; as we all know there are other cases besides just the typical male on female attack.

Anyway, she showed us these particular moves that can help save your life if you ever are attacked. She had a clever name for it: Badass Ballet. It’s a catchy name, but strong moves. So she showed us all how to do the Badass Ballet as well as other things.

Long story short: I’d love it if you would join me on the next United We Stand lecture. If you’re wondering when that is, please just stop by and chat with Lara or myself and we will gladly answer any and all questions.

~RA Joe

HuHot party

Hey all!

Remember that the HuHot dinner is this Saturday at 5:00pm! We are going to meet in the lobby and I would really really love it if you would join me, as well as three south and two south! If you can be willing to drive, please contact me immediately. If you would like, we can hang out and play some games or watch a movie after dinner as well! 🙂

Thanks a lot and stay awesome!

~RA Joe