SAS meeting

Hello all!

So today there was an awesome SAS meeting in the Rountree Commons classroom about time management. Shoutout to those who went!

Anyway, it was this great discussion about various tips and tricks to properly using your time and not wasting it. One thing that really stuck out for me was her great idea of making a weekly to-do list. Then, once you get them all on paper, you categorize each of them on levels of importance. She talked about this awesome ABC method where things that are marked with an A are of high importance. They MUST be done; such as homework that’s due or a project, etc. Things with a B rating are things that SHOULD be done, like studying every night. Finally, things with a C rating are things that COULD be done, but aren’t necessarily important such as TV or video games.

As Lara pointed out, there is a complete list of all of these SAS meetings. I can’t stress on these enough. They are super beneficial to your personal development; I know I learned a lot.

You can thank Lara for the complete list of meetings. I just pasted it on this post as well for you all.

Have a good one!

~RA Joe


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