Caroline Spencer

1Last Sunday, Oct. 23rd at 7 p.m. in Velzy Commons, I attended the United We Stand Series. The speaker for the night was Caroline Spencer. She is a devoted mother and wife who has completed 125 marathons, six 100-mile endurance races, 11 Iron Mans, and 11 Boston Marathons. She shared many stories of her experiences with running, such as her experience surviving the Boston Marathon bombing. Caroline talked about perseverance and pushing farther than anyone thinks possible. Caroline has inspired and motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new thing. I will not give up easily. If she can run 100 mile races within 30 hours than I can do whatever I set my mind on!

Here are a list of the future United We Stand Speakers for the academic year.  I hope to see you there! 🙂

Curt Patrouille February 21, 2016 Velzy Commons


February 21, 2016 Velzy Commons.

Come hear Curt Patrouille, UW-Platteville Alumni, share his story of how to keep a positive outlook on life despite the obstacles that are thrown in your path. Curt will touch on his personal experiences of surviving being badly burned, 27+ years of military service,  losing his mother at age 20, multiple deployments while being married and having young children. Curt will share with you his story of resilience and  bouncing back from adversity.

Stan Pearson II February 28, 2016 Velzy Commons


February 28, 2016 Velzy Commons

Stan Pearson II, is a Bi-lingual Speaker, Motivational Comedian, Author & Host. He entertains, educates & interacts with his audiences to make them a part of your event. His Charisma, Sense of Humor & Salsa Dancing skills help his audiences settle in for a good time. He has spoken in over 40 States in the U.S. in addition to Mexico, The British Virgin Islands, The U.S. Virgin Islands & Canada. His presentations connect, entertain and educate everyone regardless of race, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds. He is great for any program and is very easy to work with in all facets of planning and executing a successful event. Student Life, Multi-cultural Office, Orientations, Greek Life Conference Planners and Businesses all seek Stan’s programs because he is most certainly your One-Stop Speaker Shop! If you are looking for a speaker/host who is engaging, interactive, charismatic and funny; Stan is your man!

~RA Lara


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