Advice from the Doctor…

Hello, 6 South!20160128_134331

Today, I put up a new bulletin board for you all to enjoy. Not only does this bulletin board give you great advice, it does so in a catchy and entertaining way. This bulletin board was inspired by Dr. Seuss, so as you can guess, it all rhymes!!! Please take the time to read and enjoy some Advice from the Doctor! 🙂

Have a great rest of your week!

~RA Lara


Lunch hang out

Hey 6 South,

So Derek and Bre were super awesome and invited me to sit with them for dinner yesterday. Normally I wouldn’t have time to eat when I did but I got out of class early that day. Anyway, as I was walking around the PSC it was very full and they graciously invited me over.

So I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to those two for being so super awesome! Thanks again you two!!

~RA Joe

P.S. I always get lunch at the PSC at 1 o clock. You’re all more than welcome to join me. It would be much appreciated 🙂

My Experience at Boxes and Walls

Hello everyone!

On Thursday January 21st, I helped give tours of Boxes and Walls to students on campus. There was a great turn out, and everyone I talked to was amazed with all of the information they learned. Many students said there was a lot of new ideas and concepts to think about that they have not thought of before. I encourage all of you to attend Boxes and Walls on February 1st -3rd. I have some pictures of the event and a flyer with more details below. Please come to Joe or I for any questions!

Until next time,

RA Lara

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Boxes and Walls poster

Flying snowman!

Hey all!

So I made some great door decs where a snowman has a snowflake behind them. It looks like they have wings! So it works out super great because they are still winter stuff but awesome. So I really hope you like it!

P.S. If you get any great program ideas please come talk to me right away! I’d love to put on programs that you like to do!!!

~RA Joe


Boxes and Walls

Good Afternoon, 6 South!

16-1678 Boxes and Walls AXIS TV ad_FINAL

You may have seen the publicity for “Boxes and Walls” around campus and I know a few of you are wondering what exactly it is. Well… Boxes and Walls is an interactive diversity experience students have called “shocking,” “inspiring,” and “eye-opening.” Boxes and Walls encourages students to tear down walls and throw away boxes that hold stereotypes.  Some of the topics/rooms that you will come across are based on the LGBTQ community, women and men stereotypes, body image, disabilities, education, poverty, and veterans. This can be a very emotional, yet moving experience. I encourage ALL of you to attend and participate with an open mind! I will be working on Thursday, February 21st at Boxes and Walls, and I would love to see you all there. This will also count towards your punch card. 🙂

Come see me with any questions!

RA Lara


Birrrr….It’s Cold Out There

Hello again, 6 South!

I hope you are all staying warm and healthy during this cold spell. I have hung up some new door decs that I feel are very fitting for this week. These mittens will hopefully remind you to bundle up and stay warm this winter season when you are headed to class! I hope you enjoyed them. Good luck with your first week of classes. 🙂

Until next time,

RA Lara


Start off on the RIGHT Foot!

Hello, 6 South!

I hope you all have noticed and enjoyed my inspirational bulletin board. My goal of this bulletin board was to not only brighten our wing with color, but to help all of you get in the mind set for spring semester! Starting the semester on the right foot is crucial because it gets harder to raise your grades as the semester continues. If the semester starts to feel like it is dragging on or getting difficult in anyway, feel free to come and see me if you ever need some words of encouragement or just need someone to talk to. My door is always open (as you can see in the picture). 🙂

Until next time,

RA Lara