Boxes and Walls

Good Afternoon, 6 South!

16-1678 Boxes and Walls AXIS TV ad_FINAL

You may have seen the publicity for “Boxes and Walls” around campus and I know a few of you are wondering what exactly it is. Well… Boxes and Walls is an interactive diversity experience students have called “shocking,” “inspiring,” and “eye-opening.” Boxes and Walls encourages students to tear down walls and throw away boxes that hold stereotypes.  Some of the topics/rooms that you will come across are based on the LGBTQ community, women and men stereotypes, body image, disabilities, education, poverty, and veterans. This can be a very emotional, yet moving experience. I encourage ALL of you to attend and participate with an open mind! I will be working on Thursday, February 21st at Boxes and Walls, and I would love to see you all there. This will also count towards your punch card. 🙂

Come see me with any questions!

RA Lara



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