Native American Speech

Hey all!

So today I went to a Native American speaker, Mr. Jonathan Buffalo. The presentation was from 6 to 7:30 pm tonight and he talked about how his tribe (I’m not even going to try to spell it) has been in the United States for many centuries more than Europeans.

Unfortunately, his tribe did not spend much time in one place because they were always being attacked by the French or by other tribes. He actually moved all the way from above Maine, inside of Canada, down to New York, across to Pennsylvania, around the Great Lakes and through both parts of Michigan, and finally here in Wisconsin. However, after spending many years here, the French pushed them out and made them move down through Platteville and to Dubuque. It was because of their tribe that it is named Dubuque!!

Overall, he was a very inspirational speaker because he taught us alot about not giving up. At one point while in New York, their tribe had a plaque that wiped out 98% of their tribe. But the few remaining never gave up and eventually repopulated the tribe again, all the way up to about 8,000 people!


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