Stop the Hate

Hey all!

So last Thursday, I went to this campus event called Stop the Hate over in the PSC in the Mississippi Room. They have these talks throughout the year, usually at least once a month, and the next one should be some time later in March. I will get you the exact date for all who are interested!

This Stop the Hate Session was all about racial hate and bias in and out of campus. We discussed how much each “level” of offense each example was with a few Criminal Justice majors. They certainly taught me alot, such as if graffiti is severe enough, it could be so bad it would be a life sentence in prison.

All in all, just mind what you’re putting out there. What you may think of as funny, isn’t funny to another person and then that’s when the law enforcement gets involved.

Just be courteous and life is grand!!

~RA Joe


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