Poverty Dinner

Hello, 6 South!

Last night, the Leadership LLC and some of the foreign exchange students participated in a Poverty Dinner. At 2pm, a few of us made some food for the dinner. The menu included apple juice, pie, pasta, salad, rice, and beans. When the food was all cooked, we had a guest from campus who led us through the Poverty Dinner. When we walked in the classroom we all got a card with a new identity. There was a mixture of identities and they all fell under either high income, middle income, or low income. Each identity came with a story and we were able to share our story with our peers. Depending on our income, determined how much food we got for dinner. For example, the high income identities got to eat everything on the menu, while the low income identities only were served 1 scoop of rice. This activity was very eye opening and educational. We learned a ton of shocking, yet interesting facts about poverty throughout the world. Here are just a few of them to share:

  • Currently, 15 million children in the United States alone suffer from hunger every day.
  • Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth.
  • The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 percent of the population is undernourished.
  • Every 10 seconds, one child dies from hunger.

Now, I want you to think…. What can you do to help world hunger??? One person can make a huge difference!

Everyday is a GREAT day to be a Pioneer!

~RA Lara


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