Pre-Professional Days

Good Morning, 6 South!

This past Tuesday and Wednesday there was an event called Pre-Professional Days on Campus. This event is where the School of Education 161013307_0invites several local educators, administrators, UW-Platteville alumni and faculty members to present  on many current education topics. All education students are encouraged to attend several of the Professional Development Sessions for their education classes. All majors on campus, however, are welcomed to attend any session.

This year I attended two sessions. The first session was all about how to utilize the idea of a flipped classroom as a future educator. This session was really intriguing to me because it allows for more time in the classroom for hands-on activities. This session would be beneficial for all students to attend because this is the way into the future for education. This session can give you a feel for what your future children may be experiencing in the classroom.

The second session I attended was about ADHD/ADD and Tourette’s Syndrome. This session was very eye opening because we got to hear from the speakers who were diagnosed with these conditions. As a future educator, I learned ways on how to work with students who may have ADD/ADHD or Tourette’s Syndrome to help them succeed in my classroom. This session would have been helpful for anyone to attend because in your future occupations you will be working with individuals who may be different than you.

All in all, these were some great sessions, and I strongly encourage ALL majors to attend Pre-Professional Days in the fall. 🙂

Have a Great Day!
~RA Lara


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