Finals Kits

Hey all, surprise!

Starting tomorrow you may or may not be getting a knock on your door about receiving a finals kit. The two lovely RHA representatives of Rountree will be going around and handing out all of the finals kits to those who ordered them.

You didn’t order one? Of course you didn’t! The letter to order these were actually secretly sent to your parents/guardians and if they choose to, send the letter back with whatever amount of money is needed and RHA takes care of the rest. RHA goes and fills hundreds and hundreds of boxes and then the representatives personally deliver them to your room!

Inside of the boxes are really neat things. Usually it’s some candy but there is also some silly things like Play-Doh in there. Sometimes there is actual food items like pretzels and mac and cheese as well.

Anyway, if you receive one, then congrats! If you haven’t received one, don’t worry, I never do either. However, you can always talk to whomever the letter was sent to and give them a little nudge to send it to you next semester!

~RA Joe


Ways to Reduce Stress

Hey 6th floor!

I just put up a new bulletin board with Vince and it’s pretty safe to say that he did a stellar job. If you take a peek at the bulletin board, it talks all about 19 different ways to reduce stress for yourself. This is totally perfect with these upcoming finals! I always encourage you to study, but if you know you need a break, you now have 19 great activities to try out!

~RA Joe


Luggage Tags as Door Decs

Good morning!

20160427_112823.jpgDid you spot your new door decs??? I hung them up this morning. These will be the last door decs from me for the semester, so I really hope you like them. I have had a great time decorating our wing with some colorful door decs over the school year. I hope you have enjoyed them as well and will keep a few of your favorites.

Until next time,

~RA Lara

Duck Day Carnival

Hey all!

So you missed out on a superb event last night! It was Rountree’s first Duck Day Carnival!

“Hey Joe, what is that?” Why thanks for asking!! It was this awesome event and we played cornhole, plinko, duck fishing, and duck toss. For the duck fishing, you take a spoon and try to scoop up as many ducks as you can BLINDFOLDED! And duck toss was a game that we took foam footballs and threw it at duck cutouts and score as many points as indicated.

There were plenty of awesome prizes and candy as well, all for winning. Plus, you could also buy cotton candy, popcorn, and freezie pops.

Overall, 10/10. I really hope you can join us next year!!!

~RA Joe


Hello, Everyone!

Thank you to those who stopped out and supported Ag Day on Campus today. It was great to see a few of you and talk to you one on one. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a huge turnout overall! I hope you all that came got a chance to check out all of the booths and activities led my student organization in the School of Ag. Below is a picture of me and13029625_1075151652531765_1403911792563626055_o.jpg Pioneer Pete at Ag Day on Campus!


Thanks again to everyone who came out!
~RA Lara