Mustache Bash

simple_mustache_chalkboard_baby_shower_favors_classic_round_sticker-r5bb2d4dd8b204c3794c435d61869a0b3_v9waf_8byvr_324You’re invited to the Mustache Bash hosted by University Counseling Services. Today’s college students are seeking counseling in greater numbers than ever before, creating an increasing need on campus to have a discussion about stress students are facing.

The Mustache Bash theme is “I Mustache You a Question, Don’t Shave it for Later.” This event is a non-threatening and engaging way for our Pioneers to start conversations about issues they face on campus. Students will have an opportunity to participate in a Mustache Dash, engage in asking each other questions that might lead to greater insight, and share their participation in social media using #mustacheaquestion

All individuals on campus are welcome to visit the Mustache Bash on Wednesday, April 20th. This event will take place from 11am-1pm on the West Lawn outside of the Markee Pioneer Student Center.

~RA Lara


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