Life Size Games

Hey all!

So last Friday was the FNC Life Size Games. It was over in the PAC and let me just tell you that it was AWESOME!! Firstly they had huge volleyball, which as the name implies, the ball was gigantic! It was probably 4.5 feet in diameter. Secondly, they had a giant game of the board game Trouble going on, where you are actually a player. My team came in second place.

Thirdly, there was a parachute and then like 10 people take it and throw it up in the air and hold on the ends. Everyone runs underneath it after that. Fourth, they had a game of Lightning Basketball going and that was intense.

Finally, there was a life size game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. People would lay down on their bellies on a longboard and then hold on to a clothes basket. Someone would roll you into the middle and you would take the basket and scoop as many balls as you can.

Overall, it was totally amazing and I had a blast. I really hope they do this again next year!

~RA Joe


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