Mother’s Day Planting Program with Dawn Lee

How-to-decorate-planting-pots-with-self-adhesive-shelf-liner-512x516.pngGood Afternoon one and all!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came down to the classroom for my Mother’s Day Planting Program last Thursday night at 6:00pm. There was a great turn out of 35+ students and faculty member, Dawn Lee, was very impressed with your excitement and attention for the program. We hope all of your plants are still doing well. Just remember to not over water. You should only have to water a bit every other day or so. Also, make sure you put your plant near the window so it can get enough sun. I have followed these steps, and I already have 3 sunflower seeds sprouting through the soil surface. 🙂 If you see me around the hall, feel free to stop me and let me know how your plant is doing. Have a great day, Pioneers!

~RA Lara


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