Finals Kits

Hey all, surprise!

Starting tomorrow you may or may not be getting a knock on your door about receiving a finals kit. The two lovely RHA representatives of Rountree will be going around and handing out all of the finals kits to those who ordered them.

You didn’t order one? Of course you didn’t! The letter to order these were actually secretly sent to your parents/guardians and if they choose to, send the letter back with whatever amount of money is needed and RHA takes care of the rest. RHA goes and fills hundreds and hundreds of boxes and then the representatives personally deliver them to your room!

Inside of the boxes are really neat things. Usually it’s some candy but there is also some silly things like Play-Doh in there. Sometimes there is actual food items like pretzels and mac and cheese as well.

Anyway, if you receive one, then congrats! If you haven’t received one, don’t worry, I never do either. However, you can always talk to whomever the letter was sent to and give them a little nudge to send it to you next semester!

~RA Joe


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