Stop the Hate

Hey 6 South!

So I went to a Stop the Hate last night and it was super awesome! This was only an introductory meeting but it was so informative. We learned about the difference between a bias incident and a hate bias incident. Furthermore, Cassie told us all about when the future events are. So I’m looking forward to the next event.

If interested please come talk to me anytime!

~RA Joe


Scooby Dooby Doo

Hey 6 south!

Have you seen these fabulous things??? They are so cute! And I love Scooby Doo so win-win! Okay time to fess up. I could never make door decs this good. A friend of mine helped me out and made these for me. So if you ever see Clara around, (the girl that’s over alot) tell her thank you for the fantastic decorations!

~RA Joe


Card Night

Hey 6 south!

First of all, big shout out to those who made it to the event last night. We played many different card games and we even had a small Euchre Tournament! It’s too bad that many of you couldn’t make it. Hopefully, I can make another program that better fits your schedule.

If you’re ever interested in any kind of card game, feel free to come talk to me! I know many different games and I’m always super interested in learning new ones! Some of the games that I know can be tough, but with a positive attitude, I can teach anyone any game; no matter how much previous experience you’ve had! 🙂

~RA Joe and RA Nicole




Yesterday, I put up new door decorations that are in the shape of a STAMP but also has a lovely map. Can you guess what state the maps are?

I’m a complete nerd and really enjoy puns. Although map puns can go in all different DIRECTION, I will try to enCOMPASS them all in one pun.

Sorry those were bad… Enjoy a joke instead.

What always sits in the corner but can move all round the world?

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of comic relief. Have a great weekend.




Monopolizing Your Experience

Hoping that this picture can show you around Rountree and also Campus!

Monopolize your College Experience

Hey 6 South!

Hopefully, everyone’s first week of classes went smoothly. I want to draw your attention to our bulletin board right outside the elevator. It holds a lot of information about Rountree and Campus in general. Plus, it’s monopoly themed which makes it even better! Good Luck on Week Two!

~ Joe and Nicole



Hey Y’all!!!

A big shout out to Tim (Matthew) and Caleb for coming to Nicole’s room to play Settlers of Catan Seafarers! It was a lot of fun! If anyone else wants to play, please stop by my room. I would love to play and meet more people who love the game or want to learn the game!

~RA Nicole and RA Joe



Rockin’ Bridge Party

Hey all!

So as you were just getting done with dinner at Stations in Bridgeway, I bet you saw all the fun activities outside! YEAH YOU DID!

There was the riding mechanical bull, there was the giant inflatable ball that you climb inside of just like a gerbil, and there was also a bingo game with bean bags from your your very own hall Rountree! Plus several other halls gave out tons of free delicious food.

It was one of my favorite events. Plus there were just so many people around. What’s not to love!

~RA Joe and RA Nicole