Meet your RA’s!

Hey Sixth Floor!

In case you haven’t noticed, we made a thing! Collaboratively we made this bulletin board which briefly explains just a little bit about the four of us, your RA’s.

“What’s an RA?”

Oh hey, thanks for asking! An RA is a student that is here to help you or anyone else in any possible way we can. We can help you with homework, we can help study, we can help with any sort of problem that you have.

But our main job that we pride ourselves on is our continued efforts to make your residence hall just as amazing of an adventure for you as we possibly can. You only go to college once in your lifetime and so we definitely want to make sure it’s  totally unforgettable.

Please feel free to come talk to us at any time. We are all super friendly and very excited to meet new people. It’s the biggest joy to us when we meet a new friendly face. 🙂

~RA Joe and RA Nicole



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