United We Stand Lecture

Hey all!

So last Sunday, Nicole and I, as well as several you awesome people, came to the United We Stand Lecture. These lectures are really great because these are very professional speakers that do speaking for a living. They discuss different and unique issues that are going on.

This topic on Sunday was about the history of these two speakers. One of them is a Jewish man named Scott Blakeman and the other was a Muslim man named Dean Obeidallah. These two had a very unique approach on discussing their traits. Instead of reacting to people’s bigotry and bias toward their beliefs, they instead make comedy about all of it.

These two people are both extremely well known comedians known all over the country. These two men have been working together for many years. They each do stand up comedy for 20 minutes each and then the last 20 minutes is all discussion. They are not afraid of any questions, no matter how rude. As long as you come in with a positive attitude they are happy to answer any and all questions!!

~RA Joe and Nicole


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