One Love

Hey all!

So Nicole just put on an awesome program about One Love but unfortunately I was unable to make it to that event. But fear not! I was still able to make it to a seminar and get my proper knowledge; although I’m sure it wasn’t as good as Nicole’s. 🙂

Last Thursday I went to Loras College in Dubuque for a seminar held by last year’s SA, Hannah Shuler. She was one of the SA’s here in Rountree; she did the same job as Ian does now.

Anyway, she is now working for Loras College and loving it! She put on this amazing One Love seminar and it was so informative. It shows some good ideas on how to be an active bystander to keep others safe. It may be awkward to jump in, especially if you’re wrong and they’re just playing around. But if they aren’t playing around and there is a problem, you were there to save them, and that would be an amazing feeling.

If you’re looking for more information, please go to this website and learn as much as you can. Thank you!!!

RA Joe


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