Up Coming Events

11/29 6:30pm, West Lobby – RA Info Meeting: interesting in becoming an RA come get information and ask questions for present RAs.

11/30 5:30pm, Classroom – Pizza with Professors: free pizza with Dr. Holly Attenborough, ask her any questions. She does magic and a former RA.

12/2 8:00pm, Classroom – Elf Movie: come relax, enjoy free popcorn and watch Elf!

12/7 5:00pm, Classroom – Dot Art: Super easy and relaxing. Professor Carole Spelic will be giving a short lecture on dot art and then you can make and take. Free art project.





Mouse Trap


Good Morning 6 South,

Don’t be stress about finals by staying away rom these traps of studying. There are 10 “mouse” traps of studying that you can say and they give solutions and tips to break that study trap.

Don’t be like a mouse and get trapped!




Have you ever thought about our initials? They are so different. I mean mine is NLH and I have never met someone with the same initials. So many things make us different and unique: personality, hobbies, sports, styles, and…. Initials!

I hope you all enjoy your initial door decs! They are Christmas colors!!!

Have a great week!






Think Before You Tweet

Hey all!

So this bulletin board is pretty awesome! It’s all about how to have a positive, professional social media account. In this example, I showed Twitter, but the same idea should be followed for Facebook as well as any other social media.

Why? Because, believe it or not, employers do look at your social media! It’s one of the first things they check when interested in a new employee. I had an employer ask me if they could check my Facebook during an interview. Not all employers will ask. So just keep it appropriate, and you’re guaranteed a job! 🙂

~RA Joe


Veteran’s Day Bulletin Board

Hey All!

If you go look in the hallway, you’ll see this awesome bulletin board! I know it’s slightly late since Veteran’s Day is November 11, but this bulletin board will still tell you important information about this historic day.

If you look at the middle right, it will tell you the difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. I didn’t really understand the difference too well until I did the research. Lucky for you, I’ve done that research and now you don’t have to!

~RA Joe

Sail with Me

20161117_200320(0) (1).jpg

6 South Guess What!

We are sailing through this semester so quick. When we are back from break, we only have 3 more weeks of class and then one week of finals!

I will be putting up some study tips this weekend to help prepare for finals.

Thanks for all the joys and memories of this semester so far. You are all making my job so much fun!

Have a great Thanksgiving Break!




Flu vs. Cold


Minions…. WWWAAAATTTTT???? I was told that we have some wing members that have symptoms of the flu… or is it a cold? Check out these lovely minions and their symptoms. .There are also some simple tricks to prevention across the bottom.

Hope everyone stays healthy!