Zootopia Movie Night

Hey all!

So last week Friday we watched Zootopia! It’s a very cute and funny movie but it does come with a lot of meaning behind it when you give it some thought.

For instance: Hops (the main character) is faced with many hardships and constant negative impressions from everyone. Even her parents weren’t supportive of her becoming a police officer as a bunny. Yet she prevailed against all odds and proved that not all bunnies are “weak”.

Secondly, Nick Wilde the fox, is first seen as sly, cruel, and heartless, when in fact he doesn’t want to be that way but yet he become that type of fox because he was told that he has to be and he found out that no one would give him a chance to be anything else. However, again, he proved everyone wrong and was in fact a very kind fox with a big heart.

~RA Joe


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