Good Morning 6 South!

I’m hoping your finals are going great and you have enjoyed my Stress Relief Packs for this week. Have a great rest of your week!

Good Luck!

Nicole Haller





6 South!

Want to play Euchre or learn how to? Come with me to Euchre night for UW-Platteville Dance Marathon and the Children’s Miracle Network of Wisconsin! It’s a small fee for a great cause!

Let me know if you want to go!

Nicole Haller





Hello 6 South,

Elf is such a great Holiday movie! I hope you enjoy Dakota and I’s small bulletin board with a few helpful tips to end the semester right. Do your homework, eat healthy, and study for finals!

Good Luck on Finals and Happy Holidays!

Nicole Haller

Dot Art


Just a Reminder! TOMORROW is the dot art make and take program. Professor Carole Spelic will be coming in to give a short informational of the background of dot art and a quick tutorial. If you can not make it and would still like to make a dot art, Please let me know ASAP!

Have a fantastic DAY!

Stop the Hate

Hey all!

So last week Friday was my final Stop the Hate session for this semester. There is last one on Thursday, December 8th at 12:00 pm or 6:00 pm. There are only an hour long so it’s definitely worth your time.

This deeper dive was all about how hate bias problems affect not only the people involved but also the families, communities, and others of the same racial, sexual identity or other groups.

Number one thing: always be an active bystander. If you see someone getting bullied, act on it! 🙂

~RA Joe