Pizza with Professor

Hey all!

So I just got done with an awesome talk with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Holly Attenborough. She is a super smart math professor. But what’s even cooler is that she’s also a normal human outside of class. I know, crazy right?!?!?! She is the sweetest and most helpful professor I’ve had here at UW-Platteville. She is so sweet and smart and understanding.

What’s also super cool is that she lived in the Residence Halls just like you and I are right now when she was studying for her undergrad. Then she became an RA just like me and loved it. It really helped her grow her interpersonal skills which is fantastic for when you ask her questions in class or in her office.

If you ever need to take a math class, I’d highly suggest her. You will learn so much from her.

~RA Joe


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