Resume Success

Thank you all who came to the event!

I am so grateful that the Academic and Career Advising Center came to help out with this event. Here are some things they talked about a links that can help.

Resume do’s and don’ts. Tips of how to make a good resume. Check out the link:

What to wear and what not to wear which a bulletin board will be put up this coming week.

Interview Tips and questions to look over.

Career Fair Volunteering. Incentive of $5 passport funds per hour you work. Check out the link:

Internships and co-ops. Check out the link:

It is recommended to update your PNC – Pioneer Career Network – Account. Check out the link:


~Nicole Haller




Drug Abuse


Hello 6 South!

The next week is Drug and Alcohol Abuse week. Please check out this bulletin about the dangers of over-the-counter drug abuse!

Have a great weekend!

~Nicole Haller


How to Winterize Your Car

Hey 6th floor!

Welcome back to a new semester! This begins the second half of the best year with the best RAs you’ll ever have!

This very boxy car is supposed to relate to your awesome set of wheels that you have. Anyway, if you read through the facts around this amazing car, you’ll be even more prepared to take on the cold for your vehicle.

Good luck and I know this semester will be an EASY RIDE. Okay I’m out.

~RA Joe

Resume Builder

Good Afternoon 6 South!

I hope first day of classes weren’t too bad. I am really excited about our event going on Thursday, January 16th. First event of the year!! I know it is a busy time and early but Academic and Career Advising Center couldn’t bring advisers any other day. I really hope you can make it!

It’s Thursday, January 26th in Rountree Commons Classroom from 6pm to 7pm. They will be providing interview tips, resume do’s and don’ts, and brief resume review. This is a great opportunity to get a solid resume before the Career Fair February 7th through 9th. It’s always a good time to have a resume ready!

Hope to see you there!

~Nicole Haller



Happy New Year!

A TOAST to the New Year bulletin has just a couple New Years Resolutions or just some things to try this new year for the new you! We are all different people; therefore, we have different ideas and new year resolutions.

Good Luck this year!