Women’s Week day 3 – Trash & Compliment

Hello 6 South!

Thank you to all who decided to show and participate in this week! It was a lot of fun! Those who are staying in the building for next year, we are planning on continuing women’s week next year!

Day 3 of Women’s Week was trash your insecurities and complimentary compliments. We wrote down our insecurities, tore them up, and threw them away. It was very symbolic way of taking your baggage that you carry everywhere with you and just throwing it away. We are all different! We then did complimentary compliments which is when a person stands in front of a white board and everyone write something they value in that person such as: Strong-willed, determined, great friend, reliable, etc. We then took a photo of them and erased everything behind them before they can see it. They will be receiving this picture sometime next week in their mailbox.

Thanks again to all who participated this week! It was a successful women’s week!

~Nicole and Joe


Spring Flowers!

Environmental Flower

Hellloooo 6 South!

It is Spring Time! Let the showers begin and flowers bloom. I created these environment friendly door decorations by reusing paint swatches, toilet paper rolls, and new papers.

Hope you enjoy them!


Women’s Week day 2: Sex in the Dark

Sex in the Dark

Hey all!

Thank you for coming and participating to sex in the dark. I was a great turn out that we had more males than females. We got to ask the opposite sex questions about personal and cultural aspects anonymously in the dark. It was really informative and interesting to hear everyone’s response.

Tomorrow is Trash your insecurities and complimentary compliments. It is a great way to get rid of all your insecurities and then hear what others have to say about you. It is tomorrow from 7-9pm in the classroom.

Thanks to all who supported women’s week so far and I hope to see you tomorrow!


Saving the Environment

Hey 6th floor!

Do you want to be good to the environment?? Yes you do!!

Here’s some general tips to help the world one tiny step at a time. For example, when you’re out shopping, if you buy the product with the largest quantity that will be less plastic used than buying several small products to get the same amount of stuff wanted.

These are really simple things to do that require basically no effort on your part. If we all take these into consideration, it will really add up and help out.

~RA Joe

Women’s Week day 1: Open Discussion

Women's PanelHey all!

Today was the first day of Women’s Week put on by your very own Nicole as well as a few other RA’s of the building. Let me tell you: this week is going to be outstanding! You will learn so much about equality as well as respecting one another. I think you should all go!

Today was just an open discussion with Dr. Dong L Isbister, two important employees of UW-Platteville’s Department of Residence Life, and even our very own RD Alisha! We as a large group spent an hour discussing a few big questions that always led into deeper questions and concerns.

So thank you to everyone that attended and I strongly encourage you to see what’s going on the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Sex in the Dark! This is an event where you can ask the opposite sex questions that you’ve always wondered anonymously. Sounds Fun!

~RA Joe and RA Nicole