Spring Bulletin Board

Hey all!

So this new bulletin board just POPPED up out of nowhere. So I think you should SPRING over and read it! Yes there is a lot of information, but it’s all super valuable and handy!

This covers everything from picking up textbooks (and returning them!), to maybe consider finding a part-time job to curb the harsh expenses of a university, to avoiding procrastination. Now that we’re a few weeks into the semester, you’re back in the normal rhythm of things. However, this is a popular time for people to push off that homework assignment or wait until later to study. I’ll make it real easy… Don’t push it off! It is not a healthy decision for you, both mentally and physically because then you’ll have to stay up late just to finish that assignment. It’s awful to do homework throughout the night, instead of sleep. I like sleep.

So if you need any information, refer to this great new bulletin board. If you’re confused or your question is not on there, please come talk to me. I’d love the company!

~RA Joe


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