“As a company built on the magic of storytelling that entertains, enlightens and inspires families around the world, Disney recognizes that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to its success,” The Walt Disney Company stated.

Disney is a company accustomed to molding the world in its image. The creator of iconic family movies for decades, the studio is as powerful now as it’s ever been, with a global box-office total for the year of $6.07 billion and counting—as well as control over many of the world’s most popular franchises. Disney is fairly tight-lipped when it comes to its master plan to increase diversity, but there have been clear statements over the years that show the company’s commitment. Last year, John Lasseter, the chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studios, said his studio is dedicated to creating inclusive films. “It’s very important to us . . . to have female and ethnic characters,” he said during a press conference last May, when asked if Pixar would release a film with a black protagonist. “It’s grown in importance over time. As you’ll see in future films, we’re really paying attention to that.”

Disney is growing in their diversity with every film they produce. Just like Disney is growing in diversity, our wing shows diversity through each individual door decoration. Through looking at each door decoration in the Disney Competition, you can see the individual details of the door decorations.

~Nicole Haller


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