Women’s Week day 3 – Trash & Compliment

Hello 6 South!

Thank you to all who decided to show and participate in this week! It was a lot of fun! Those who are staying in the building for next year, we are planning on continuing women’s week next year!

Day 3 of Women’s Week was trash your insecurities and complimentary compliments. We wrote down our insecurities, tore them up, and threw them away. It was very symbolic way of taking your baggage that you carry everywhere with you and just throwing it away. We are all different! We then did complimentary compliments which is when a person stands in front of a white board and everyone write something they value in that person such as: Strong-willed, determined, great friend, reliable, etc. We then took a photo of them and erased everything behind them before they can see it. They will be receiving this picture sometime next week in their mailbox.

Thanks again to all who participated this week! It was a successful women’s week!

~Nicole and Joe


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