Moving Out


Twists and Turns of Moving Out! Check it out if you have any questions about check outs, pre-check outs, etc please don’t hesitate to ask but please check out this bulletin board first to see if it can answer your questions.

Don’t forget pre-checkout are this week Tuesday to Friday. You must sign up 24 hours in advance.

Thank you all for a great year! Good Luck on Finals and have a great summer!

~Nicole Haller


Late Night


6 South!

I hope all who went to Late Night at the Markee had fun! Maybe got free food, balloon animals, games, caricature artist, etc. I know I had a lot of fun with those who reached out to walk over together.

~Nicole Haller

M&M giveaway

Hey all!

So as you should have seen by now, you have received a free bag of M&Ms, courtesy of the RAs and Residence Life!

It was a lot of fun going from door-to-door and not to bother you but to give you free stuff!

Plus, when you attend our wing meeting on Thursday, you’ll get another free prize! I’m not telling you what it is though.

~Joe and Nicole