Stop the Hate – Bullying

Hey all!

So last week I went to another Stop the Hate session and let me tell you: this one was really powerful. We watched a 45 minute video of this man who identifies as gay and this video shows just how much he was bullied and abused in high school and middle school.

He was verbally abused every single day and physically abused quite a few as well. He would get to school early and hide until class starts and stay late as well just to avoid bullies. Unfortunately, it was not enough and one day some of them found him hiding one morning and repeatedly kicked him.

He couldn’t take all the abuse and ran away more than once just to avoid going  back to school.

Now he is a public speaker about his experience. I STRONGLY recommend you watch this video. It’s not a date night video to watch but it’s definitely an eye opening experience. Everyone should see this at least once.

Did I mention that this entire video and this man took place in Wisconsin? Yes it was! So please check it out. This video can be checked out from the school library. A picture of it is given so you know what to look for 🙂


Bullied teaching kit


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