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For the month of September, the winners are Jesse Ward and Alexis Mauser. I will be putting your prize in your mailbox. 

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Congrats to our winners!!! 

~Nicole Haller 



Guess what…..? It is…. HOMECOMING WEEK! There are so many events on campus to get involved in. Check out the link to see what events are going on when: https://www.uwplatt.edu/cpr/homecoming

The week is so fun but only if you get involved. If you are interested in taking a break from studying and school, please let me know what events you are interested in be involved in and I will pass your name to the right people.

Yesterday, we participated in the banner ceremony and volleyball. Though we did not place for the banner, we did come in second for the volleyball game!

Have a great Homecoming week!

~Nicole Haller

Cookies, Coming Out, and Compliments

Free Cookies, learning about LGBTQ+ community, and receiving compliments… what’s better than that? Nothing! It was such a fun event! Lots of cookie decorating. The “Coming Out” Star activity was a big eye opener to what the LGBTQ+ community may go through when they are coming out to their friends, family, community, and job and how it can also effect their dreams. It was heart breaking to see how several people lost their family and friends. Though it was an emotional activity, we ending on a positive note with complimentary compliments. Everyone wrote compliments around you and it is amazing on all the positive things people say about you.

~Nicole Haller


Truths about Stereotypes

This event was a great time to sit and discuss the Stereotypes that we hear commonly. We had Dr. King, Adam Iserman, and Becky Hagle come and facilitate the discussion. We were given that chance to discuss stereotypes involving race and people from different parts of the country. We were able to learn the truth behind them and how some of them could have been created. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed Jimmy John’s and talk!

~Nicole and Ryan

Sex in the Dark

When people are uncomfortable with talking about sexuality, this event allowed open communication between the opposite sex. It was a great opportunity to talk about sexuality and ask questions that most people don’t want to ask! Thanks to all who came out and supported Diversity week! 

~Nicole Haller

Resume Builder

Shoutout to all who came out! I really hope you got all the questions you wanted answered!

If you didn’t make it, this is what happened, three members from the Career and Professional Development Office came to Rountree Commons to talk to us about cover letters, resumes, and the career fair. They gave a small talk about each of those topics and then took each of our resumes and editted them. They gave some great advice on format, dos and don’ts and so much more!

If you missed, please check out their wedpage for further information: https://www.uwplatt.edu/cpdo

Happy Friday!

~Nicole Haller