Leap into Spring


Since it is finally feeling like spring with the warm weather and the rain, we can leap into the last free weeks of classes. One more full week and then finals week! Crazy to think that an entire year of classes has passed by!

Nicole Haller



United We Stand

Alexandra Catalano came all the way from California to talk to us about nutrition. I really enjoyed this speaker because she had a lot of ideas and tried to relate things back to college life. You can find her on Instragram @EatCute and message her with any questions and she will get back to you. Here are some points that I took away from the talk.

  • Health is about how you feel, how much energy, and mindful relationship. It’s a lifestyle.
  • Food ideas to stay away from include: things in packages, sugar, soda, etc.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and hydrate before you eat
  • Stop counting calories and throw away the scale. look at how you feel and fit in your clothes as a way to measure.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces a day. This can increase your metabolism up to 30%.
  • Recommended Apps: meditation app (calm or headspace), F.lux, 6 pack promise, My Flo, Think Dirty App
  • Stress: less caffeine, journal, list & prioritize, go for a walk, essential oils, morning and night time routine, adaptogenie herbs
  • Healthy Living: clean room, add plants, natural cleaning products, diffuser with essential oils
  • Exercise: weight training is an excellent way to burn fat and increase metabolism, pick something you LOVE, HIIT workouts, recovery is just as important as a workout
  • Healthy foods doesn’t always mean it’s good for you: explore foods. Your body is constantly changing – eat according to season or frozen organic foods.
  • Brain Foods: turmeric, lions mane, avocados, blue berries, broccoli
  • Energy Foods: water, bee pollen, healthy fats, coconut oil
  • recommending to take magnesium
  • If looking at diets, make sure you create one for you!
  • Surround yourself with positive people that love and support you achieving your goals!

~Nicole Haller




Interesting fitness facts are posted on our wing. Fitness is a choice but there are a lot of reasons to choose fitness.

Recently, I have gotten into exercise and fitness; however, I am realizing that it is a lifestyle change. This change is not about just working out and eating better, but  it’s the change to choose walking the hill instead of taking the shuttle or eating an apple instead of a cookie.

This lifestyle change is all your choice and it doesn’t take much other than an effort.

~Nicole Haller

Pot of “Gold”

Happy St. Pats Day! I hope you enjoy the door decorations of a pot of gold. I also hope you enjoyed the gold coins of chocolate.

28939339_1815758591818156_601035487_oWhat is your cultural heritage?

Culture can give people a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religions and customs. It allows them to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Cultural heritage can provide an automatic sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows us to better understand previous generations and the history of where we come from.

Cultural heritage is made up of many things large and small. We can see it in the buildings, townscapes, and even in archaeological remains. Culture can be perceived through natural sources as well: the agriculture and landscapes associated with it. It is preserved through books, artifacts, objects, pictures, photographs, art, and oral tradition. Cultural heritage is in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the religions we follow, and the skills we learn. Sometimes we can touch and see what makes up a culture; other times it is intangible.


What are YOU involved in?


On Sunday, I went to Jason and Codie’s Orchestra concert! I really enjoyed the concert and watching them do what they love.

This got me thinking: What are you involved in? If you would like some support, let me know in advance and I will try to be there to support you in your involvement on campus.

It also got me thinking: why get involved? Involvement on and off campus is very crucial to grow yourself. When talking with employers, they always ask what you are involved in and why did you join. I recommend getting involved as much as you can without putting too much on your plate.

If you would like to talk about opportunities for involvement, let me know and I would love to share. Also, I recommend going on pioneerlink to get more information about all the organizations on campus that are possibilities to get involved.

It’s NEVER too late to get involved.

~Nicole Haller

You Got Cash!


Rountree has began the program of You Got Cash! Every week someone randomly will be getting chamber bucks which can be used at local places. If you receive the “You Got Cash” slip, you have one week to get it to Adam (the RD) or Becky (the GA) to redeem your prize.

Make sure you are checking your mailbox weekly, so you don’t loose out on this opportunity!