Advice from Albus

Hey all!

I have just put up this really colorful bulletin board between the two spots on the wood and I think it looks great! These are all famous quotes from Albus Percival Wolfrick Brian Dumbledore. He’s so wise.

If you want to nerd out about Harry Potter just come talk to me!



M&M giveaway

Hey all!

So as you should have seen by now, you have received a free bag of M&Ms, courtesy of the RAs and Residence Life!

It was a lot of fun going from door-to-door and not to bother you but to give you free stuff!

Plus, when you attend our wing meeting on Thursday, you’ll get another free prize! I’m not telling you what it is though.

~Joe and Nicole

Fun Animal Facts 

Hey all!

I just put up a new bulletin board! This one is all about really weird facts about specific animals! For instance: some turtles can breathe from their butts! WHAT! Go read the bulletin board to find out how! Warning: You cannot.

Also, Lemurs competitively try out be more smelly than the other. This is a really silly bulletin board. Go check it out! It’s funny and informative all in one.


Balloon door decs

Hey 6 south!

Look outside your door! You have balloons! Why? Because I love balloons. And also because you’re drifting off from your first year with me. This year really blew away!

What kind of music is bad for balloons? Pop music!

Gosh I’m so sorry. I’m done. I’ll show myself out.


Stop the Hate – Bullying

Hey all!

So last week I went to another Stop the Hate session and let me tell you: this one was really powerful. We watched a 45 minute video of this man who identifies as gay and this video shows just how much he was bullied and abused in high school and middle school.

He was verbally abused every single day and physically abused quite a few as well. He would get to school early and hide until class starts and stay late as well just to avoid bullies. Unfortunately, it was not enough and one day some of them found him hiding one morning and repeatedly kicked him.

He couldn’t take all the abuse and ran away more than once just to avoid going  back to school.

Now he is a public speaker about his experience. I STRONGLY recommend you watch this video. It’s not a date night video to watch but it’s definitely an eye opening experience. Everyone should see this at least once.

Did I mention that this entire video and this man took place in Wisconsin? Yes it was! So please check it out. This video can be checked out from the school library. A picture of it is given so you know what to look for 🙂


Bullied teaching kit

Stop the Hate – Informative Websites

Hey all!

So I went to another Stop the Hate session last Wednesday and it was great! I learned all about different websites that are great for more information and concerns. First and foremost, here at this school, we have a completely confidential way to report any and all bias incident reports. Don’t ever be afraid to report anything you ever see. No one will judge you because no one will know. If you go to this website, you can report anything that happens:

Now, if you’re more interested in what’s happening around the U.S., this website can show you all of the stuff that’s going on. It also shows a really cool map of known groups of people who are targeting a specific group of people. A great way to keep yourself safe is to know where they are and avoid them. If you do look, there are several in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This does not mean the whole city is bad! It just shows that there are active groups in Milwaukee. Most of the people from this city are actually good people. If you want to see the map, click on this link and click on “Hate Map.”

Finally, if you want to learn more about the group Stop the Hate, go to this website. It gives tons of good information.