Don’t get super smashed bro!

If you haven’t noticed we have a new bulletin board by the kitchen!! Being homecoming week I encourage everyone to stop by and read the board. If you make the choice to consume alcohol use these simple tips to stay safe. But be aware that the drinking age is 21 and by law no one under the age should be consuming alcohol. Have a good week and stay safe!



Career Fair

Need some more tips for before, during, and after you go to the Career Fair. Check out the small bulletin board with a small check lists to help you have a successful Career Fair. The Schedule is also up there. If you are contemplating on going…. there is a list of why the Career Fair is an excellent opportunity.


Check it out!

~Nicole & Ryan

Hope you find your resources!


If you haven’t noticed but we have created an amazing bulletin board in the 6th floor lobby (outside kitchen).  On this board, there are many resources that can be found on campus. Now that we have all found that new “freedom” of no parents around, it is our jobs as students and adults to keep up with academic and enjoy the time apart. It is your choice on how to make this college experience the most successful. What are you going to do? Check out the bulletin board to know where some resources are and who to contact. If you have any questions at all about the resources, please let us know!!! And if you don’t know who the green dude is you better watch elf!

~Ryan and Nicole

Moving Out


Twists and Turns of Moving Out! Check it out if you have any questions about check outs, pre-check outs, etc please don’t hesitate to ask but please check out this bulletin board first to see if it can answer your questions.

Don’t forget pre-checkout are this week Tuesday to Friday. You must sign up 24 hours in advance.

Thank you all for a great year! Good Luck on Finals and have a great summer!

~Nicole Haller