Interesting fitness facts are posted on our wing. Fitness is a choice but there are a lot of reasons to choose fitness.

Recently, I have gotten into exercise and fitness; however, I am realizing that it is a lifestyle change. This change is not about just working out and eating better, but  it’s the change to choose walking the hill instead of taking the shuttle or eating an apple instead of a cookie.

This lifestyle change is all your choice and it doesn’t take much other than an effort.

~Nicole Haller


Take What You Need

Hey everyone we put up a new bulletin board! This Board has a lot of compliments,  encouraging words, and cute pictures! They are all just tapped on and you are encouraged to take any!! This will hopefully help remind you of who you are and that you can be whoever you want to be. Also to encourage you with anything that you have going on.

~Ryan and Nicole

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is very important to succeed. I highly recommend setting SMART goals. Goals that are: S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-relevant, and T-time-bound.

Steps to success:

  1. Set Goal
  2. Make Plan
  3. Get to Work
  4. Stick to It
  5.  Reach Goal

Setting Goals are also beneficial for other reasons than just success such as: give directions, energize, provide challenge, and make you think outside the box.

However, goals don’t always succeed for various reasons like: too big, not specific, not written, and to many.

Check out this bulletin board for all this information.



The Olympics have started!!! Hey everyone the 2018 winter Olympics have officially started! There is a new bulletin board up in the hall which will have a schedule of the Olympics and how to watch it. The Olympics is a great event to enjoy with your friends and cheer on the USA team!!! This year is special because for the first time in over 10 years North and South Korea are willing to set aside any conflicts and march in the opening ceremony under 1 flag. For many years there has been conflict between the two nations so this could be a big step for the two of them. The Olympics is a great time for people all around the world to get together and compete against each other. Its amazing that all the nations can set aside any differences between them to compete and even support each other.


Dance Marathon

In several posts, I have been talking about Dance Marathon! Check out this bulletin board:


University of Wisconsin – Platteville is this Saturday, February 17th from 4pm to midnight. You dance the entire night in Velzy Commons. There is a $10 admission but all cost goes straight to Children’s Miracle Network. It is all For The Kids (FTK)! If you have any questions or want help, please don’t hesitate to email Nicole.

~Nicole and Ryan