Rountree Rockin Recess

It was great seeing those of you who made it to Rountree’s Rockin Recess on Friday!! I hope those who made it had as much fun as I did. The event was a great way to get away from the stress of school and have a fun time with friends and new people. I hope those who went were able to relax and have a good fresh start to the weekend. It is always good to get out and do something fun like this where you don’t have to worry about school or classes.

Thank you to all who came!




Rountree Friday Night Club!

If you missed our last Friday Night Club at Rountree back in February it was trivia! Everyone seemed to have a great time and it consisted of residents from all over Platteville. The whole bottom floor was basically full of students having great time answering trivia together. FNC is always on a Friday night and is a great way to relieve some of the stress of the week and enter the weekend in a fun way! Our next FNC is going to be this Friday! It will be either inside or outside depending on the weather but will consist of fun games, food, and a bonfire, if outside. If you’re around grab some friends have a a fun time away from the stress of school and classes!



The Chancellor Visits!!

Hey everyone! It was great seeing some you of this week when Chancellor Shields came to visit and answer some questions. It was pretty interesting hearing everything that he had to say. Students were able to ask him anything from how his day was to why we have certain policies. We also learned about the whole parking situation and his thoughts on that.



United We Stand

A little while back we had a speaker for United we stand come and talk to us on campus. Lamarr Womble had come in from New York. LaMarr had first lived in Nebraska then he had moved to New York. It was a huge change for him going from a small town to a big city. He described it as he had done everything in his town he could have and was ready to move on where he could pursue his dreams. LaMarr for the longest time had wanted to be a fashion designer which was one of the main reasons he had moved.

One interesting point that LaMarr had brought up when it comes to pursuing your dreams you can’t always do what you want. This was a good point because it’s very true and not many speakers use this as a point. For example, if you are color blind unfortunately you can’t join the air force even though it may be your dream. He also brought up a super cool point, you should be your major plus. By this he means you can still do your major and have a hobby that you feel strongly about. For example, for me I can be a mechanical engineer plus a sky diver. You can be more than one thing and pursue what you want. My favorite part that LaMarr brought up was that whatever your dream is you should do it because someone has to. If you want to be a doctor then do it, don’t settle for something less because you could be taking someone else’s dream. By this he means if you want to be like a stunt driver then you need to pursue that dream and not something else. If you become a civil engineer instead because you don’t think you would have it you could be taking that job away from someone who dreams of becoming one.

LaMarr’s main points involved talking about pursuing your dreams. Even if it is not what your major is you can do both you can still have a job as your major but still do something you love. For myself, my major is mechanical engineering but I have always dreamed of becoming a licensed sky diver. I still can have a job as a mechanical engineer plus be a licensed sky diver. You should never let something or someone stop you from pursuing your dreams or just doing what you love. Even if it’s just a hobby make it a point that with your career you will still continue to do the things you love. One example he had used is that someone who loves to work on cars will many times stop if they get a career not involved with cars. They still have a passion for it but they just stop. He says you should have a goal to be your career plus, like talked about above. LaMarr had some great points and everyone can learn from him.


United We Stand

Alexandra Catalano came all the way from California to talk to us about nutrition. I really enjoyed this speaker because she had a lot of ideas and tried to relate things back to college life. You can find her on Instragram @EatCute and message her with any questions and she will get back to you. Here are some points that I took away from the talk.

  • Health is about how you feel, how much energy, and mindful relationship. It’s a lifestyle.
  • Food ideas to stay away from include: things in packages, sugar, soda, etc.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and hydrate before you eat
  • Stop counting calories and throw away the scale. look at how you feel and fit in your clothes as a way to measure.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces a day. This can increase your metabolism up to 30%.
  • Recommended Apps: meditation app (calm or headspace), F.lux, 6 pack promise, My Flo, Think Dirty App
  • Stress: less caffeine, journal, list & prioritize, go for a walk, essential oils, morning and night time routine, adaptogenie herbs
  • Healthy Living: clean room, add plants, natural cleaning products, diffuser with essential oils
  • Exercise: weight training is an excellent way to burn fat and increase metabolism, pick something you LOVE, HIIT workouts, recovery is just as important as a workout
  • Healthy foods doesn’t always mean it’s good for you: explore foods. Your body is constantly changing – eat according to season or frozen organic foods.
  • Brain Foods: turmeric, lions mane, avocados, blue berries, broccoli
  • Energy Foods: water, bee pollen, healthy fats, coconut oil
  • recommending to take magnesium
  • If looking at diets, make sure you create one for you!
  • Surround yourself with positive people that love and support you achieving your goals!

~Nicole Haller


Dance Marathon

In several posts, I have been talking about Dance Marathon! Check out this bulletin board:


University of Wisconsin – Platteville is this Saturday, February 17th from 4pm to midnight. You dance the entire night in Velzy Commons. There is a $10 admission but all cost goes straight to Children’s Miracle Network. It is all For The Kids (FTK)! If you have any questions or want help, please don’t hesitate to email Nicole.

~Nicole and Ryan

Pie Night

Good Afternoon 6 South!

A week ago there was a pie your RA/Wing Rep/RD Night to help raise money for Dance Marathon! Thank you all who participated either buying the pies or getting pied! As a building, we raised $600.23 for Dance Marathon which goes to the Children’s Miracle Network! #FTK #UWPDM