Engineering Event

Thank you to everyone who came to our engineering program last week! Dr. Horne, a mechanical engineering professor,  came in and talked to us about engineering and classes. He gave us advice on different general engineering classes to take and told as about what it actually means to be an engineer. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it!




Comedian Jose Barrientos

On Saturday 11/19 a couple residents and I went to the CPR “Stand Up Saturday” featuring Jose Barrientos. Jose Barrientos is a Comedian who was born in Mexico and legally came to the U.S. Jose however doesn’t have an accent because hes basically always lived here. Jose had given multiple jokes and stories involving stereotypes about Mexicans. At first it seemed interesting that a comedian is talking about stereotypes and if they are true or not. However, he taught us about stereotypes in a way that was fun and interesting but yet still educational. He told one story where for a whole 4 months at a community college he had pretended to have a strong Mexican accent. At the college he had basically made up a whole story about his life, living in Mexico, and how he got here. He had told everyone he first got here illegally and lived in Mexico almost his whole life. He was able to share with us all the reactions that people gave before and after they found out he actually lived here most his live. He also talked about stereotypes of Mexican mannerisms and past times. All in all, Jose was a super funny guy and taught us truths about stereotypes in a really fun way!

Berry Yo!!!

Last night we had our berry yo event with some residents before we all leave for fall break. This was a great way for residents to relax and wind down for the week. This week and next week is when students may have multiple midterms or other exams going on and this is a chance to get off campus and away from the stress of college. Doing little things like this for yourself and getting away from stress are very important for a successful semester. We didn’t have very many people but we had a great time getting frozen yogurt! Hope you all have a great and save weekend and good luck on any midterms!

~Ryan and Nicole



Peterson Farm Bros!!!

On Sunday the Peterson Farm Bros came to Platteville! The Peterson Farm Bros are 3 brothers from Kansas who became famous on YouTube within a week. On Sunday Greg Peterson the brother who started it all came to UWP. He gave a speech talking about their whole story. What got them into making YouTube videos, their meanings, and what they do now.

Greg is currently a full time motivational speaker and part time working on the farm. While in school many people did not understand much about farming or why they do it. Greg was going to school for financial agriculture with a minor in film when he decided to ask his brothers to make a parody to the song “I’m sexy and I know it”. His brothers laughed and said no to this idea. They then decided to just make it and laugh at it with their friends. The ended up naming the song “I’m Farming and I grow it”. When they posted the video it instantly went viral. The same week the brothers were flown to New York to be interviewed about their video. They were three farm boys flying for their first time and to New York. He said they were for sure out of place there.

View the video here! I’m farming and I grow it

After the first video they all thought they were a one hit wonder. They went back to class and doing their normal daily things. With no plans to make another video. Then the popular song “Gangnam Style” broke lose. When that broke they decided they the needed to make another song to it. This song they named “Farmer style”. This again went viral even more so than the first. The song currently sits at over 17million views!

View the video here! Farmer Style

Since then the brothers have made many more videos that have gone viral. Greg had said their purpose for those video and all of their videos is to educate people about farming and the importance of it. Many people are unaware of what farmers do and how important it is. Farming is very important to the American culture no matter who you are. The brothers also started a blog to address farming and many issues people may have about it. They address misunderstood aspects in agriculture like “farms torture animal” or “farmers poison us”. They provide incite on those topics and many more. Farming is one of the single most important jobs in America.

View the blog here! Peterson farm bros blog

Another lesson we can learn is that they are proof, where if you are passionate about something you love you can effect millions of people. No one thought that three farmers from Kansas could ever reach millions of people but look what they did and continue to do.

~Ryan and Nicole



Cookies, Coming Out, and Compliments

Free Cookies, learning about LGBTQ+ community, and receiving compliments… what’s better than that? Nothing! It was such a fun event! Lots of cookie decorating. The “Coming Out” Star activity was a big eye opener to what the LGBTQ+ community may go through when they are coming out to their friends, family, community, and job and how it can also effect their dreams. It was heart breaking to see how several people lost their family and friends. Though it was an emotional activity, we ending on a positive note with complimentary compliments. Everyone wrote compliments around you and it is amazing on all the positive things people say about you.

~Nicole Haller


Truths about Stereotypes

This event was a great time to sit and discuss the Stereotypes that we hear commonly. We had Dr. King, Adam Iserman, and Becky Hagle come and facilitate the discussion. We were given that chance to discuss stereotypes involving race and people from different parts of the country. We were able to learn the truth behind them and how some of them could have been created. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed Jimmy John’s and talk!

~Nicole and Ryan