Movie Night

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed pizza and Elf. Have a great break!

~Ryan and Nicole


Pop your stress away!

Hey everyone! Its finals week! If you haven’t noticed there is a new bulletin board up by the kitchen! It is full of bubble wrap and you can pop it. It could be a fun thing to do and way to relax between finals and studying this week. Good luck to everyone on finals and have a great break!!

~Ryan and Nicole


Would you rather?

Hey everyone if you haven’t noticed Nicole and I put up an interactive board on the maintenance door by our rooms! This will be updated every week or two with a new would you rather. Everyone has a clothes pin with their name on it and you can put yours on the option you like best. It’s a fun thing that you can use to keep you mind off of finals coming up! Good luck with and projects or exams you have!

~Ryan and Nicole


Comedian Jose Barrientos

On Saturday 11/19 a couple residents and I went to the CPR “Stand Up Saturday” featuring Jose Barrientos. Jose Barrientos is a Comedian who was born in Mexico and legally came to the U.S. Jose however doesn’t have an accent because hes basically always lived here. Jose had given multiple jokes and stories involving stereotypes about Mexicans. At first it seemed interesting that a comedian is talking about stereotypes and if they are true or not. However, he taught us about stereotypes in a way that was fun and interesting but yet still educational. He told one story where for a whole 4 months at a community college he had pretended to have a strong Mexican accent. At the college he had basically made up a whole story about his life, living in Mexico, and how he got here. He had told everyone he first got here illegally and lived in Mexico almost his whole life. He was able to share with us all the reactions that people gave before and after they found out he actually lived here most his live. He also talked about stereotypes of Mexican mannerisms and past times. All in all, Jose was a super funny guy and taught us truths about stereotypes in a really fun way!

Homecoming results!

For those of you who didn’t know last week during homecoming week Rountree took third place overall and first out of all the resident halls!! This was a huge accomplishment for Rountree to be first place out of resident halls and 3rd place overall even ahead of some fraternities! One aspect of the judging was house decs where we decked out the common area by the classroom for a few hours. If you didn’t notice we had a safari tour theme and I got to be a kangaroo for this. For this and our float we had very many compliments about.


Tie dye-versity

Feel free to come down with white t-shirts or socks or anything white that you want to tie dye! We are tie-dying in celebration of diversity week and national coming out day on October 11th! You can tie dye for free then proudly wear your pride on October 11th. You can come tie dye in the classroom downstairs till 4pm. Please feel free to stop by!
~Ryan and Nicole

Sex in the Dark

When people are uncomfortable with talking about sexuality, this event allowed open communication between the opposite sex. It was a great opportunity to talk about sexuality and ask questions that most people don’t want to ask! Thanks to all who came out and supported Diversity week! 

~Nicole Haller