Rountree Bonfire!

I hope all those who came to the bonfire tonight had a fun time! I know I did, it was great getting out and having a good time around the fire and playing bags! I’m glad those of you who could come did and had a good time!



Grab N’ Go breakfast!

If you missed our wing meeting this week we will be having a grab and go breakfast on Wednesday Morning starting around 7am. We will be having doughnuts, muffins, granola bars, and fruit! We know many of you have the math final at 8am. It is very important to eat something before you take an exam for it will help you focus and stay awake!

~Ryan and Nicole

One Act Festival

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the One Act Festival on campus and watch Jason’s last performance of the semester! I’m not a big theater person but I really enjoyed all the acts and loved watching Jason do what he loves. Jason is very big into theater and it was awesome being able to support him in doing what he loves.


Leap into Spring


Since it is finally feeling like spring with the warm weather and the rain, we can leap into the last free weeks of classes. One more full week and then finals week! Crazy to think that an entire year of classes has passed by!

Nicole Haller


Animals in their Environment

We have a new bulletin board! The board is in the common area by the kitchen. The board has multiple different interesting facts about animals and the diverse environments they come from. All the animals on the board live in a different environment and have a unique way of surviving. These animals also rely on us to help keep their environments clean for their survival. Some of them are pretty rare and could actually go extinct if we pollute and not keep their environment clean.


Duck Door Decs!

Hey everyone i’m sure y’all have noticed but but we got new duck door decs! With the good weather we are having they can be used as a good reminder to go spend some time outside in the sun! During the spring and while the weather is nice all types of animals start to show up and I encourage everyone to get outside and get some exercise or just relax.